how to get rid of black slime from inside bath tub drains and sinks?

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Answered: My black water tank will not drain when valve is opened, can you help?

Probably you just have a toilet paper clog. The best way to open it (ugh) is to run a hose through the clog with the water on full, and when it gushes out, you know you got the clog. It is best to do that where the goo will slop into a pit. Then fill in the pit. If it dried out with a toilet ...

Answered: I have a clogged drain in my bathroom. My mom said ...

if this drain is in the bathroom sink, SM is correct, but a better way to get it out is to pull it out with long-nose pliers. Also many sinks have an old pop-up but the plug part has been removed. Usually, however, the rod part is still there about two inches down the drain, gathering a huge clump ...

Answered: I purchased a black kitchen sink (acrilyic) made ...

Eleven years ago and your asking about recoarse? I would highly doubt it. All plastics and cultured stone crack up at the edges eventually. I think it has something to do with a combination of both solvents exposure and of all things - U.V. exposure. Thats just my personal theory with regards to all ...

Answered: My Pegasus black granite sink has faded and has a ...

I have a very, very similar problem. Can anyone help, please?

Answered: HI Eric, I have a new home that is 8 yrs old. All of the sink drains in

Have you tried a plunger? Be sure to also cover and seal the overflow on each fixture when you are plunging. You can dislodge a lot of hair that way but it may hang up in the stopper if you can't remove it. There are sites online that give directions for removing various drain stopper types.
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