how to get red dye in happy street?

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Answered: What makes vinegar turn red dye brown?

Sounds like analine yellow-red ferrous dye. No binder: polar solvent only. Acetic acid can oxidize red iron oxide (Fe2O3) to black (Fe3O2). Giveaway is lack of vinegar smell after setting in fiber substrate. Ammonium hydroxide will reverse the reaction.

Answered: Street Style Trends

Very creative ideas,it will be successful.

Answered: Law and order s v u

It's really sad that this woman, who believes characters on a fictional TV show are real, doesn't have someone giving her the care she so obviously needs.

Answered: Is Happiness a Choice?

5 OF THE ALIASES THE LONELY LOSER HAS POSTED UNDER GO TO THE FACEBOOK PROFILE PAGE OF THE PERSON HE CLAIMS IS DEAD. Rocmike is now posting under Anne S. He also posted as a fake Marine, Fred G., Brother B. and The Little Tramp. All of these aliases names along with many others goes to his Facebook ...

Answered: What makes you happy?

I am happy when I help someone, when I learn from others and when I read a good book.

Answered: How do you dye a long dress red

Use rit color remover first. You can do it in a large kettle right on top of stove. In large kettle add water and color remover. Stir well with unused paint stix or inexpensive wooden spoon from a dollar store. As directed put in garment stirring continuously. When satisfied color has been ...
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