how to get potted tulips to bloom again?

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Answered: I have tulips growing in pots. The blooms are now ...

1- Cut the (remaining) flowers off 2- Let the green die for a few weeks (see answer above) 3- Store the bulbs during summer in a dry and cool place 4- Replant the bulbs in your garden next autumn And enjoy this picture of the Dutch tulip fields! Greatings from Holland Home and Garden

Answered: Dear obama if you don't get anything else right in ...

I agree, he should legalise marijuana. I've seen it help sick people out a lot, including some of my family when they were going through cancer treatments.

Answered: When is the best time to plant tulips in central indiana

Of course spring is the best time to grow tulips because in this season plants can get maximum nutrients through fertilizers which are helpful to grow them quickly.

Answered: How to become a contestant tulip queen in albany ny

I would first call the Albany Chamber of Commerce to find out more information. Good luck.

Answered: Aniston and Bloom more than friends?

No. she is brad's wife . that is all. Orlando Bloom will never marry her.
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