how to get on the show stranded?

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Answered: Which Santa Claus was the best in the Grand Strand South Carolina

There is a Santa Claus Directory by state here at

Answered: Desert Island

Number one - I am not really sure how one would go about fishing in the desert anyway. I guess the word island is the key. I guess I would have to say I would pray and pray alot! And that is after I freak out!

Answered: What is fibrotic stranding?

The development in an organ of excess fibrous connective tissue as well as the formation of fibrous tissue as a reactive process. The "fibrotic stranding " may represent thickening of the normal septal lines. The septa are normal structures that compartmentalize lung lobes and lobules. The ...

Answered: Chester edgar strand, croix de guerre, wwii

The French do not hand out their highest military award lightly: it is the equivalent of the Distinguished Service Cross, and contemplates action in combat that would merit the Congressional Medal of Honor. Croix de Guerre has four grades of award: Enlisted. These are enlisted personnel who have ...

Answered: What to do if you are stranded in ghana

If your passport was stolen, contact the American Embassy. If you ran out of money you will have to beg.

Answered: Strand theater token dtd. April 11, 1925

These may well be valuable, but I would have the token authenticated by a numismatist familiar with MGM of the time. Since MGM divested from UI in 2001, its history has been a bit obscure. MGM issued tokens, bottlecap prizes, and free tickets to its feature films from 1916 to 2001. These items ...
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What is another word for a strand of flowers?

A string or length of flowers could work. Depending on the context garland could work too. Strand as you are using it essentially implies continuity.

Strand by strand hair extensions

I prefer clip in extensions, they are much safer and cheaper. mine are beautiful and look just like my real hair, i got them from :) Michaela x

Who makes stranded clothing brand?

Wish someone would answer this question. I bought a Stranded brand t-shirt at Target. Love it, very cute and great fit. Would love to view their entire clothing line, but where do I find it??????

How many different single-stranded RNA composed of 99 nucleotides

Since each position can have one of ACGT, there can be 4^99 different ways to make one.