how to get old batterys to recharge?

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Answered: Can battery be recharged while vehicle in motion?

I am not sure which car you have. The Toyota Prius may, but here a great site for information on the latest electric cars and hybrid cars .

Answered: Just how long does it take for the Dell laptop computer battery to

Complete Charging takes up to 2 hours and must be Laptop off to avoid any malfunctions on the battery. ------------------------------------------------ GENUINEBATTERIES.COM

Answered: I need to replace some rechargeable batteries.I ...

Yes you can, the ah or Amp hour of a battery is the storage capacity, bit like petrol in a car, the more you have the further you can travel, b ut you cant get there any quicker.

Answered: Best Rechargeable Battery

NiHM rechargeable batteries - They can do excellent performance in Toys, CD Players, Remote Control Devices, Metal Detectors, Flashlights, Radios, Maglite.....Absolutely anything that requires BIG Power. Go to and check out their selection and prices.

Answered: How do you transfer songs from old pc to new pc for ipod shuffle and then

Apple only allows you to do this 5 times. Just download Itunes and your music and stuff should be there once you plug in your iPod and sync
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Battery for Insignia IS-PD040922 DVD Player

Here are some places:

Once a battery has reached the point that its ...

No, you need to buy a new laptop battery , from

How long do you charge AA rechargeable batteries,my charger(12-1254) does

Hi there I have 2 different aa chargers (not sure which one you have ) and both have indicators on them to state when its charged and i would say its probably 3 or 4 hours. you should be able to work out form the output of your charger if its something like output 2.8v DC 500mA then it should ...