how to get off clonidine?

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Answered: Desperately seeking Clonidine

The answer was complete. However, i'll be a bit more blunt. The reluctance to acquire your drugs (again, not medications) via the proper and legal channels is a VERY good indicator of addiction or Drug Seeking behavior. Clonidine is not a 'bad' drug, but like any other, it can be abused. Since ...

Answered: Can clonidine and prozac be taken together. if so what are the side

Clonidine is an alpha-blocker whereas prozac is a serotonin specific reuptake inhibitor. There actions are mediated by totally different methods. As AS nicely listed, there are some common side effects which could be additive. I am unaware of any interactions here and could not find any on ...

Answered: Clonidine with clonazepam will it help someone with schizophrenia

Sunshine, No they won't. Those two drugs are used for high blood pressure, panic and anxiety disorders. A person with schizophrenia need a completely different type of medication. Judy Sparky's Mom

Answered: Side effects of Clonidine and Lisinop/HCTZ

Pressure in your chest and shortness of breath could be a heart attack. At very least call your doctor NOW. I would recommend the ER. Those do not sound like side effects of blood pressure medication.

Answered: Can you take clonidine now and then?

No.Clonidine is one of several blood preassure reduction meds that are prescription required.It has several other functions.The pertinent issue is when taken as directed,daily two or three times per day it will maintain a lower blood preassure(bp).The problem of strokes is mostly inefective ...

Answered: Can i take clonidine and elavil together

it shouldnt hurt. but ask a pharmacist to be sure. and btw elavil is not a major tranquilizer, it is a TCA ( tricyclic antidepressant). Major tranquilizers would be antipsychotics.
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