how to get nv drivers license back after a medical surrender?

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Answered: If you live in two states can you hold two driver's license NV and CA

One CDL is all you get, and one operator license. If your state issues one, that's it.

Answered: check drivers license to see if they have any points


Answered: How to get your Drivers License back after you give them up

Sandra , If you mean you let them expire and now want to renew them . Contact your local BMV you will probably have to go through all the testing such as eye exam , written test and perhaps a driving test . If this was medical related you will need proof from your doctor that the condition does ...

Answered: Does a passport replaced a state ID or driver license in michigan?

It can serve as an ID, but not a license. An international driver's license is the only thing that can do that.
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How to reinstate revoked driver license

This depends on what your license was revoked for. It is usually an alcohol related citation or ticket. This law article mentions the various things that can cause license revocation. Once you figure out what it was for, you probably have to settle things with the court. You may have to pay a fine ...

I need my driver's license number and I don't know where my card is... is

Theres a lot of different ways to find it, but when you are just starting drivers school you need to do <a href="">registry in calgary</a> and that can help out with a lot of answers

How do i reduce points on a driver's license?

Contact your state department of motor vehicles and ask them what you can do to lower the points on your license.

What happens if you drivers license gets supensed?

Becky, profitbob is right. If it's too late, and you can't get out of the Driving Suspension, there is also something called a (Hard Ship Licenses). It's often issued by the Court to people who lose their license for the sole purpose of getting to and from work. You might want to look into that ...