how to get nicotine stains out of linoleum?

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Answered: How can I remove a nicotine stain off my porcelain kitchen sink?

Try rubbing it gently with toothpaste. Toothpaste is made ro removed such stains from teeth.

Answered: Kaboom stained linoleum- how can i get the stains off linoleum?

Are you sure that it is stained? Kaboom is a cleaner and some of the variations contain bleach. If your linoluem is bleached, the color is gone. Kaput, all washed up, belly-up, burned out, cooked, dead, destroyed, done for, down and out, down for the count, down the drain, down the tubes, finished ...

Answered: Does nicotine come through the sperm of cigarette smokers?

Some research suggests that exposure to a variety of toxic substances, including some found in cigarettes, can damage sperm and/or lower one's sperm count. Yet another reason to get your man to quit smoking!

Answered: Liquid silicone stain on concrete

I think you are going to need to polish the driveway and scrape the stain of.

Answered: Rust stain on carpet

Try to remove it with vinegar.

Answered: Stains in your carpet?

Try these tips:
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Hydrogen peroxide works. Dilute one part hydrogen peroxide in one part water. Treat the blood stained areas. Immediately after applying this solution, sprinkle table salt on top of it. The salt will absorb the blood.You can also do this for your blood-stained clothes. Source: http://www ...

Rid stains in bathroom sink

hey, THANKS NOACH! I appreciate your feedback- will try it.

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to remove stain from cabinet you should brush cabinets regularly, make it neat and clean. source:

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You're going to have a hard time with this one. Wood stain is a combination stain of oil stain and dye stain. The dye may be lightened or removed using a dye sripper. Carbona makes a sodium hydrosulfite product that may be found at the supermarket. It is called 'Color Run Remover'. It may work ...