how to get lumps out of stuffed comforters?

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Answered: Where can I ask questions about breast lumps

If you have found breast lumps, that's a definite sign to see a doctor. I would also suggest that you learn how to do a self exam if this is something that concerns you. Doctors recommend that women perform a self exam regularly and frequently. Women who do so often find problems while they are ...

Answered: I had a small lump it is right at the top of my leg near my vagina, now

It could be a fat cyst or some other form of a cyst. I would have the doctor look at it. I think it's better to have the doctor look and say it is nothing than to think it's nothing and find out it is something.

Answered: Stuffing for Turkey Question

Z- You family may have had an exact recipe, but you can bet that no one else has it. This is a sure fire bet because no two people are going to make stuffing alike. Stuffing is like soup. You add stuff and it comes out fine. I like sage in my dressing. I use about a tsp per bird. I have not ...

Answered: Can you make stuffing for meal other than thanksgiving

Yes, we always have it at Christmas and then also during the winter when we have lots of people over for a chicken roast, then we also have stuffing. I love chesnut stuffing.

Answered: So many stuffed toys say;

If you type in your address bar on your computer,"How To Clean Children's Toys".E How will come up with lots of good answers, including toys which have batteries.
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TaxidermyIhave a stuffed squirel that is about 45-50 years old and he is

Shame on you, Dave. Is there a reason that you have not extolled the benefits of Rogaine to these poor people? I know many rabbit breeders that have used it for years.

Hot compress on breast with lumps

HI Iga Have you had the lumps looked at by a doctor. A hot compress only really works on muscles and there are not really muscles in her breasts so they are likely to be cysts which will not be helped by a hot compress - she needs an ultrasounds. Good luck

I found a light brown dove. I has mole looking lumps around it's eyes

your dove has a highly contagious type of fungus.Kind of like ringworm. I cant remember the medical term for it.You cant catch it but other birds can.Quickly isolate the bird.If its in early stages you may be able to save it if you take it to a vet. If not Im sorry to say the bird will not survive ...

A question can i do push ups while i have the neck comforter around my

I dont think so, I guess you shouldnt do pushups.