how to get kirks coffe on poptropica?

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Answered: How old is Captain Kirk?

Actually, Captain Kirk is dead. Though he was cloned by the Klingons. But clones don't count.

Answered: Why does the taxi driver who nearly runs over James T. Kirk on Star Trek

Oh, is that him? I thought that was a picture of your father's dirty behind. No wonder you're scared shitless, Bidet Boy.

Answered: Information on Dr. P. Kirk

Various websites have information on Dr. Patrick Kirk. This is what I found after doing a seach for his name on Google. Dr. Patrick Gerard Kirk is an Orthopedics Surgeon in Cincinnati, Ohio. His Credential Status is Active and his license credential number is 35.061507 and his initial licensure ...

Answered: S. Kirk & Son

I know this is an old questions. So far I know of about 20. I have a few and continue to look. If you have any and are interested in selling them, answer back.

Answered: Information about Herschel Demsky and wife, parents of Kirk Douglas?

A little more info: Kirk Douglas married Diana Dill in Bermuda and they are the parents of Michael, the actor. My mother is descended from the same Dill family as Diana,making us some sort of cousins, but then aren't we all?
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How do u make it full screen on poptropica?

On the tool bar at the top of your screen click on "Page". Change it fron 75% to 100% and you will now be able to see the full Poptropica playing field/screen! We messed with our computers screen resolution settings for 3 hrs. only to realize it was simply this. Your welcome.