How to get judgement and collections removed from credit score?

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Answered: Can a judgement for a posession of property by a landlord be removed from

If the law firm thinks they may be able to get the judgement off due to something may have been filed improper, then I can see that. But as far as "repairing" your credit. it cannot be done. The only thing you can do is remove errorous items from your credit, if in fact, they are an error. Credit ...

Answered: I need my credit fix so bad but they charge so ...

do it yourself? No need to pay a company that much money you can get a good self credit repair guide and get the same results as fast or faster then a paid service

Answered: Who should I go to for Credit Repair?

See Lots of info there to learn how you can purchase software to do it yourself. Save lots of money.

Answered: Can my bank help me with repairing my credit?

Hello Leon, Typically banks do not offer credit repair. If you,re looking for assistance contact me at: Greg
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To get the negative listing off your credit report you can file a dispute to the credit report agency.

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Consider buying your VantageScore. Although VantageScore is not as widely used as the other three scores, you may want to view your score in case your lender looks at this score too. You can purchase your VantageScore from You will be asked to provide your legal name, date of birth ...

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YES. And you should view your bad credit as a blessing. When you can no longer obtain a product or service today and pay for it with tomorrow's paycheck, you'll be better off. Just think . . . NO BILLS.