how to get high school transcript from puerto rico?

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Answered: I need a copy of my high school transcript from howard aacademy in

Just call them directly and ask them this question. Seriously, it will make your life easier. Don't rely on the internet so much. Secondary School

Answered: How can I obtain my high school transcript?

There's no other place you can get your high school transcript but in your own school. DUh? Where do you think you can get one? on a bakery shop? Secondary School

Answered: How can I get a Tax Lien list in Puerto Rico? Does anybody have a contact

Look into or visit court houses in Puerto Rico where you can see lists of properties with tax liens and are scheduled for auction.

Answered: How do I find my high school transcript

Call the school where you graduated from. Maybe they can help you with your problem. High School Diploma

Answered: I want to go to Puerto Rico - I only have a ...

To go to Puerto Rico all you need is a license or any other type of id to get you through the airport. Puerto Rico is an US territory so if you are US Citizen you do not need a passport, nor a birth certificate.

Answered: Can a US permanent resident travel to Puerto Rico and return to the US

I think you should take advise from any reputed travel agent. They will advise much better.
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You obviously aren't there yet.

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i understand you i was born and raised in broolyn ny to then move to nj all i knew was inglish couse of my asma my parents move me to puerto rico i thuolt tha same as you dont no spanish at all dint know if i fit in i gave it a try my big sister taut me spanish wit a smac here and a smack there ...

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