how to get high on oxycodone-acetaminophen 10-325?

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Answered: What is a high shady?

Slim Shady's redheaded stepchild?

Answered: Oxycodone shortage

how can i get oxys w/out a script

Answered: Can i take a ultram tablet 2 hours after my 10mg of oxycodone dose.

10 mg of oxycodone should last more than 2 hours unless you are abusing them. Opiates aren't something to play around with. Take your meds as prescribed.

Answered: What happens when you come off oxycodone? i just ...

If this is the first time and you took eight and went to sleep no biggie nothing happens. Heck, I took Oxycontin off and on for 4 years and had no withdrawal symptoms whatsoever. It is the continuous use of opiates regularly for extended periods that will make you physically addicted at which ...

Answered: Can acetaminophen be taken with warfarin

Yes, (although if you were to have liver problems one would avoid Tylenol products) - Aspirin, however should not be taken with warfarin unless the doctor tells you to. (They are both bloodthinners)

Answered: Which is stronger--oxycodone 10mg or oxycodone/apap10/325mg

oxycodone/apap10/325mg is stronger the 325mg is codine
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Is members mark acetaminophen the same as tylenol?

Tylenol is a brand name for acetaminophen.

Drug comparsions

Oxycodone is simply the generic name for Percoset, and unfortunately it is cut with tylenol, which I consider poisonous. I don't know of any way of obtaining oxy. or any opiate legally without a much larger dose of aceteminophen (tylenol). I wish I did, and I really wish I could get it without a ...

How to get high on 5/325 oxycodone/apap

I'm not sure that anyone here will be willing to tell you how to accomplish this. Perhaps one day you will understand why getting "high" is not a good idea.

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