how to get high off of gorilla glue?

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Answered: What is a high shady?

Slim Shady's redheaded stepchild?

Answered: Who invented Super Glue?

Harry Wesler Cover Jr. For Eastman Kodak

Answered: Launch Date?

I just contacted them through facebook and they said expected launch date was for October 2013

Answered: Super glue

Go Here:

Answered: What is high altitude sickness?

High altitude sickness may occur at high altitudes (over 2700m) due to the decreasing availability of oxygen. It usually occurs following a rapid ascent and can usually be prevented by ascending slowly. Symptoms often manifest themselves six to ten hours after ascent and generally subside in one to ...
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Porclein Glue?

try Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue

Use cooking oil, It works on pets too.

Gorilla glue uses how does it work on plastic, gluing a baby high

Gorilla Glue works very well on most things. -I can't comment specifically about 'plastic' -as there are literally dozens of kinds of 'plastic', all with different properties.

How can you get super glue out of your clothing ?

i would like to know how to get super glue out of clothing? so when you recive this email here is my email so email me back on this matter thank you