How to get discounted airfares if you've ever been in the military?

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Answered: Frontier phone company discounts for disabled and ...disabled

Hopefully AOL or someone will see that this gets forwarded to Frontier Phone Company for this needy lady?

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The Survivor Benefit Plan is a Government-backed life insurance program in addition to Serviceman's Group Life Insurance (SGLI). In 2007, SBP superseded SGLI as the benefit was so much greater and the cost was commensurately less. Like all insurance, there are premiums, although enlisted grades 1 ...

Answered: Find military records for Preston Pinchback, Jr.

The best I can do with that little information is to direct you here.

Answered: Cheap airfares

A good site for cheap airfare is

Answered: I am looking to get a set of my military dog tags

ignore Gunny. go online to a military gear purveyor such as US Army Cavalry Store or, or

Answered: Discounted airfare traveling to funeral

check :) a lot of discounted fare rates to choose from.
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I would check out both hotwire and priceline. I fly to tampa every now and then and have found that both of those sites offer the cheapest airfare. Also, check out sites like,, and These sites offer searches of multiple airfare sites at the same time so ...

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Considering the maudlin low quality of that anti-American hate song, then only leftists would be dense enougth not to puke. Typical leftist bigots always do that for easy money, not that they ever get it. Still, leftist delusions make then the least respected bigots in prison and that is where ...

What is a military discount

A military discount is a courtesy extended by businesses to active-duty servicepeople. It is not an effort to get more business. Active duty servicemen and women are sacrificing not only their time and resources for this country, but indeed, they are willing to sacrifice their lives. Businessmen ...

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Bill Clinton is solely responsible for three wars to date: the unlawful military incursion into Bosnia-Hercegovina during his humiliating impeachment, overriding of Boeing Security to train the terrorists contrary to security procedure, which started the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The death toll ...