how to get black stain out of beige carpet spot?

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I'll try to answer you.When companies sell carpet cleaners ,they may not be using the same type of carpet. Not all carpet is nylon such as marine carpet is Ofilin. And bad things can happen.This is why you should keep a piece of you carpet left over.Not only for repairs but also to try cleaners ...

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Potentially a rust (Iron Oxide) stain. They can be difficult to remove. Be cautious which product you use as it could discolor the carpeting even more. What I would do after finding a safe product is saturate the stain, place a couple cotton clothes over it then place a heavy item on top of that ...

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Hello again, I'll try again, I work on Boat an RV's Mostly with Ofalin carpet.Some stains in rubber backed carpets can come out by using WD-40 on a cloth.What you have are sounds like rust stains.As I'm not sure what your carpet is made of you must be carefull.Nylon carpet is different,most any ...

Answered: Hello how do i get playdough out of carpet. does anyone know my

This was long so I will just post the link. If the damage is to severe, then you may want to call a professional carpet cleaner. Good luck! Jay
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Hello, As you've already may have changed the carpet, this answer may not be needed anymore.But if you use the Brenners product you can go 50/50 in the mix.Personnaly I'd try ice cubes first and then a wash.Blood is one of the hardest stains to get rid of after it has dried.

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I'd suggest calling Stanley Steemer carpet cleaners.

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It is so hard to tell. But there is an indicator to know if they are still working. carpet cleaning