how to get a working permit in minnesota?

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Answered: If you work a nine hour day how long should your lunch break be?

Legally, it must be at least 30 minutes. Past that, it depends on the employer.

Answered: Not working

You won't get any help unless you tell what site is not working, and what function is not working. Is it AOL? Or AOL Answers? Or some other site? If there is an error message, what is it? 404 means the site is not found, which often means that you entered the URL incorrectly. For instance, you ...

Answered: HSMP after working in UK on Work permit

That is really a hard question. I think Joey is right, you should contact a immigration attorney to know what is the right answer. you canalso check this article or visit this link Jobs In Dubai for further information..

Answered: Want to get a work permit for european/schangen country

Go to this web page for the answers to your questions.

Answered: I'm a wife of a work permit holder(multiple), what requirement do i need

Visa is really important especially when you work abroad anyway read this article and I hope this will help you.. Jobs UAE

Answered: Work permit for permanent resident's spouse

I am not familiar with any way of getting a work permit without first getting approved for the I-130. Sorry.
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