how to get a thunder gun on bo2 multiplayer?

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Answered: Guns and Santa

This doesn't matter!!!!!!!!!!!! The deadliest threat in the world to little children is Legos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Legos are brightly colored to attract little children!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then the children put them in their mouths and a moment later the child is dead having strangled to death on ...

Answered: Where can i buy a harpoon gun

Whaling is an obscenity. Leftist nations are the last to commit this practice. Russian and Muslim whaling fleets prowl the antarctic waters. The blood they spill is the noblest that ever swam. Thanks be to leftists for they perpetuate whaling. They alone would drive the whale to extinction.

Answered: Who needs guns? Everybody has to defend ...

It is unnerving that Tobin Carter has such strong support from our leftist liberal minority. One disgusting leftist liberal tome I found with that devilish contrivance was The Anarchist Cookbook. Frankly I wish I had never been assigned that horrific book to review when I was in college but I read ...

Answered: They only come in 380s??? i have plenty of high end guns. im just lookin

I carry a KEL-TEC P3AT. I 've had this gun for at least 5 years not one problem. The gun is parkerized, no rust after carrying it in my waist band all year long in Fl.. I think I paid about $265.00. It has never misfired.

Answered: Where to find a tac gun to hold bed ruffle in place

Shown above are the two most common ones that you might use. The second one requires a compressor and an air hose. There is also an electric model. Manual/electric models will shoot staples up to 9/16". Pneumatic staplers will shoot much longer ones, 1 1/2" and longer. You can buy any of ...

Answered: Winchester gun company, Belgium - I own a ...

Winchester closed up shop in the 1990's.It was sold to Browning.Browning reopened Winchester in 2002.So if you have a Winchester 94 in 375 win?You have a find.That rife depending on condition is worth $2,500 to $5,000.
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Why does it thunder in a storm?

Lightning causes thunder. It could be inside a cloud and not visible, but if you hear thunder, there was a lightning flash. If you see the flash and count seconds until you hear thunder, it's about 1 mile away for every 5 seconds; that's the speed of sound.

I need to get a gun permit in charlotte nc. Where do i go to get started

It may be rather a moot point, folks. Beold our loyal Obama bin Laden: Thirteen trillion in deficit spending, creation of an Islamic Monarch in the deep south called the Republic of New Afrika, and the fact that all 50 states (Illinois leading the pack) have invoked the Tenth Amendment ...

Looking for inside pocket gun holster - Sig P232

Any gun shop will stock good holsters for your hardware. Upholstery shops can make holsters too. Thing is you need a concealed weapon permit to pack it legally where others can't see you are armed.

Why are dog's frightened of thunder and lightening?

Most animals fear any loud noise, so it is only natural that they would be scared of thunder and lightning. I have one small dog who shakes and shivers at the smallest noise yet my Bassett Hound could care less and usually sleeps thru anything. What I do when it begins to thunder, I usually wrap ...