How to get a hardon?

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Answered: How many men have a problem holding a hardon?

It probably has to do with the size of their gigantic hand in relation to the measurement of the 'lil hardon goober their tryin' to grasp, dont'cha think..

Answered: Hard-ons or not?

I read about this new drug. Why don't you give it a try? You may like it better than Viagra or Cialis. It's possibly less expensive than the others. Take care.

Answered: I have been taking about 2-4 MG of xanax for about ...

It's very difficult to wean off xanax. Talk to your doctor to find out if there is anything that can be done to make things easier to wean off this drug. Good luck.

Answered: I love pot roast so i buy chuck roast and 1t ...

Have you tried using a Seasoning Bag? Here's what they look like: I always get moist, tender pot roast when using this. If your stores don't carry McCormick's products, Durkee and some store brands are also available.

Answered: It still has not happened yet!

My friend you have some real problems! You should see a shrink

Answered: I think my husband may be sexually abusing my son ...

First off you have nothing here at all except your imagination ..... have you been violated? I am so sorry to be so blunt, I know you are very very concerned and confused but I would explore this first. Ask your son what are his favorite things to do with Daddy, then ask what are his favorite ...
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