How to get a copy of the Mayor of Little Rock, AR Oath of office?

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Answered: What can be done to a Deputy who breaks the oath of office in West

If he violates his oath of office, then he should no longer be a deputy. That's pretty important stuff. What can be done legally to discipline him, I don't know. It likely differs from state to state, possibly city to city. You would have to check with local legal authorities.

Answered: June 11,2014 sentencing for ray c nagin mayor

On May 29 the judge postponed sentencing to July 2.

Answered: Midwest Casting/ LITTLE ROCK, AR

Thank goodness Summer is almost here I hate the cold weather! Anne Vitasek.

Answered: What are the little rock AR. building codes

The requirements for the building codes can be found in the attached link: Building Codes
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