how to get a copy of kansas city mo, school district diploma?

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Answered: How can i get a copy of my high school diploma? I took the test in

I suggest you call them directly and they will send it to you in no time. I guess you will need to pay a few buck but trust me its very important. Earn Your Diploma

Answered: Does anyone know how I can get a copy of my high school diploma besides

I agree, you will need to visit the school from where you have graduated. You can't find your high school diploma your city hall or expect to delivered to you online. Unless your far from that place, you can suggest to deliver it to you but you will need to contact them and make some ...

Answered: Is it legal to make a copy of a high school ...

Its illegal, did he try calling the school he graduated from? Tell him to call them and ask some advice on how to obtain vintage high school diplomas or ask them if they can make one.

Answered: Oregon aclu --- is our school district infringing ...

If it is a public street, you as a resident do not have the right to tell anyone not to use it. You can perhaps ask if the city will pave the street, which would cut down the dust. Or you could ask if the city would put a lower speed limit, which might reduce the dust. Or you can move.
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