how to gain muscle mass "Trackback URL for this blog entry"?

how to gain muscle mass "Trackback URL for this blog entry"?

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Answered: My fathers legs are losing muscle mass. Is there ...

the best exercise for legs is squats. if he has never done them before start with the hack squat. high reps. increase high dietary protein intake too and that would be helpfuld Alex Rogers javascript:mctmp(0);

Answered: I weigh a 135 pounds and it's hard for me to gain do i gain

If you eat lots of nutritious food and train hard with weights, you will build muscle mass . They key is keeping track of things. If you are not gaining weight, then you either are not training properly or are not eating enough food. The bottom line is, that if you really force feed your body it ...

Answered: Can one build 4kg in muscle mass in two month's

I'm sorry to say that it's not possible to gain 4 KG's of lean muscle tissue 'naturally' in this short period of time. You can of course gain 4 KG of 'weight' but depending on your knowledge of correct training, nutrition, supplementation and recovery you will likely gain a mixture of muscle, fat ...

Answered: Muscle gain

Your best bet is to talk to a nutricionist and a personal trainer, hopefully they are the same person. It is not as simple as there is no one size fits all solution. They have to take in account your body type, blood group, age, goals... In short, exercise, cardio and weights, clean up your diet ...

Answered: I do not want to gain muscle like a body builder ...

Go to a gym and find a fitness insctructor that looks like you want to look. Chances are she will know what she's talking about. Get your diet in shape, workout 3 times weekly with weights, running, cycling or any other aerobic activity on other 3 days, take one day off. You'll see the results ...

Answered: Muscle Gaining BS?

I agree with the first answer. javascript:mctmp(0);
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