how to fold money into a birthday cake?

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Answered: Why is it that there are birthday cakes that have ...

oh, too bad to hear that there are some cakes like that. maybe the cake wasn't prepare properly.

Answered: Where did birthday cakes come from and when did we start using cakes as a

History of Birthday Cake Origin of Birthday Cakes dates back to ancient times but the cake of then was very different from what we have today. The word ‘cake’ is said to have coined as early as 13th century and is said to have derived from ‘kaka’- an Old Norse word. Definition of Birthday Cake In ...

Answered: Pamper your loved ones with birthday gifts and love

Visit this site: Now express your endless love and affection to your loved ones by sending them an array of beautiful Flowers, irresistible Dried Fruits, delectable Cake and Chocolates. Send Online Birthday ...

Answered: I would love to make my own birthday cake for my ...

This site has a few different options for dog friendly cakes. Hope you find something your dog will love, good luck!

Answered: What to do for a girls 13th birthday

In my sister's 13th birthday party I was really surprised her. I got the idea from very helpful site. You can also try this. They have too many different kind of ideas. please go
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How did this work out?

Hi, I'm looking for a large basic square cake ...

Go on You should be able to fine what your looking for.

Does anyone know of a hannah montana birthday cake other than the one at

I remember for my 16th birthday, my mom went to the local Carvel ice cream shop and got my and my twin sister's baby pictures on our cake. I'm guessing you can get any picture of Hannah Montana you want on a cake at Carvel as long as you provide a picture.

Big b-day cake?

Many craft stores carry pans that are tiered starting at the bottom and working up. You can also use say 4-13 X 9 pans and put them side by side, each one holds 2 cake mixes it really depends on how big you want it. Also, many craft stores give classes from a company named Wilton, I am sure an ...