how to fix stale cigars?

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Answered: Can i buy austrian virginia cigars in the us

Classic Cigars & British Goodies - Arlington, VA › Food › Specialty Food Cached - Similar You +1'd this publicly. Undo 25 reviews - Price range: $$ 25 Reviews of Classic Cigars & British Goodies "As a 20 year transplant from the UK I was ... With a mum living in England, I ...

Answered: I like empty Antano Dark Corojo cigar boxes for handicraft projects but

You can buy them on ebay. I searched "Antano Dark Corojo cigar boxes" and got 4 of them for sale now.

Answered: Flex holes fix

flex holes give you choices about where to put it

Answered: When cigars arrive in the box wrapped in celephane, should I take them

if your huidor is functioning properly you can do either. however if it not then I suggest you leave them wrapped.

Answered: How to fix dried up cigar without a humidor?

Stick the cigar or cigars in a zip lock bag with a Boveda humidity packet for a week and it will be perfect. MJR

Answered: I tried to order The Chief 18 by 66guage. Was told they have been

man...I remember those!!! Dad got a box for me for my graduation . Cool memory. I don't think they make them anymore. My mate Kastor used to smoke them and he was dissapointed not to find them anymore. I know now he smokes RomeoYJulieta by Pinar de Rio...Cuban original. He gets them fom http://cuban ...
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Don Quixote cigars are no longer made in Venezuela. They are now handmade in Nicaragua. They are exclusively distributed by Cuban Crafters cigars. You can see the complete Don Quixote line here.