how to fix leaky spigot on glass beverage dispensers?

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Answered: What kind of glass is used to make carnival glass

I think it is not the makeup of the glass, but the process of "pressing" that gives the shine typical of that glass.

Answered: How to fix leaky houseboat windows

Many times when windows on houseboats leak into the interior of the boat, it is because the drain on the exterior track is clogged, and the rain cannot run out, so it puddles in the track and leaks into the interior following the channel material. The rain actually wicks into the inside. Find the ...

Answered: How much does the glass pane in a french door 2' by 51/2' cost?

There are so many variables. You would have to call ua at 716.361.1563. Is it tempered? Is it insulated glass (dual pane)? Does it have grids? There is no way to give you an answer without more information.

Answered: I need to replace a Home wall Bathroom Cup dispenser - purchased about 20

Have you Googled the manufacturer's name? You might consider pulling it off the wall and taking it to a restaurant supply house. The could possibly have a similar one, or be able to point you in the right direction.

Answered: X ray vision is something I d like to counteract. what methods can I use

Wrap yourself in tin foil and double up on your meds because they're not working.

Answered: Where do i find a replacement payne for my cabinet it is a stained glass

Depending on where you live, youi might be able to get some help at a community college or a home based business that offers stained glass classes. They might be able to make one for you. If not, give or a try
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Leaky faucet

You changed the seats? Are you sure? Usually homeowners don't have the skills or tools to do that. If you did, check to make sure you installed it properly. A bad seat will chew up the washer over time and allow it to leak.


I have heard about it but i don't have one. Prescription Safety Glasses

Leaky bathroom sink

Most faucet repair jobs include small work such as replacing seals, washers, seals, O-ring and other such small parts. Read following article to learn: How to repair a faucet.