how to fix kodak 5250 printer?

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Answered: Why don't my Kodak Z cameras power up?

When you changed batteries, were the old batteries corroded or leaky?

Answered: B/W LASER MULTI FUNCTION PRINTERS Do all brands ...

Dell LED printers use drums and fusers designed to last the life of the printer, so toner is the only consumable to replace.

Answered: How do i get my kodak esp7 printer to print I get an error message "can

Try pushing the paper in further from where it takes in to print. But this kind of error sounds like the rollers that suck in the paper are malfunctioning

Answered: Sell my printer/cutter

You can take support from online selling sites, from that you can sell your printer fastly. I bought my printer before 3 years from 1st office, and i sold it in last month through online selling. So you can try online selling for sell your printer. Good Luck.

Answered: Picture color problem

I also had that problem with my Kodak esp 7 3 in 1 printer...I contacted Kodak..and they said it was my printer head and sent me a new one at no cost. Which was great..unfortunately...I've had to replace the printer head again...and my printer JUST turned 1 year old. I think the parts aren't as ...
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My kodak photo printer doesn't recognize the CF ...

I know no one likes to spend unnecessary dollars, but sadly to say, your files may be corrupted on the CF Card. You can determine if it's damaged by purchasing another CF Card and store some test pictures to see if they will print. If they will not print, please let me know. I will have further ...

Bar Code Printer?

all you need i the font for the barcode then you can print one canon ink

Name of give away printer on The Talk

i think its an HP unit Discount printer ink cartridges

How to clean an hp inkjet printer for storage?

Actually i am using Industrial Inkjet Printer but it's from "citronix uk" so the system is too different from HP inkjet printer.