how to fix fuel gel up on semi truck?

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Answered: How can i start my semi truck if the starter is bad

Trucks with hydraulic brakes let you start 'em with a roll and then jam it in gear, but your rig has air brakes, so it will be locked up solid till you got 125 PSI in your air system. If you got one of those dinosaurs with an air starter, you gotta pressurize the system to get it started. Best ...

Answered: Customizing your Semi Truck – Tips on Used Semi Truck Customization by

-Have your vin number available when ordering universal parts for your custom semi truck dealer. -The best way to add value to your semi trailer truck is to customize it. The first thing a potential customer looks at is your semi truck. -Warranty: Make sure the Custom Semi Shop you are doing ...

Answered: How to prevent my semi truck from not starting in winter

Well I have 2, and I always keep a full tank of fuel in them, plug them in, and if you cant plug it in, find some where you can put it inside. i live in northern minnesota, so it gets really cold here. as long as you can keep the block warm, she should crank. another thing is i always have my ...

Answered: Ford f150 Engine vacum leak how to fix

As other said. Get some spray cleaner and clean the sensor. Forgot the name of the spray cleaner. ~mike Magnaflow

Answered: Semi truck where is vin on a 2004 freightliner ?

You should be able to get a answer with google.
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Help regarding pumping diesel fuel

A diesel pump at the gasoline fuel islands are for autos and pick-up trucks, and also trucks of larger ton capacity ( ie 1 1/2 ton and higher. BUT NOT tractor-trailers) Some gasoline stations have a SEPARATE island for semi fueling, DON'T get fuel there at the truck island. The fuel NOZZLE is of ...

I am looking for the brand "Fast Lane" semi trucks ...;_ylt=A9G_bHK6SI1IvCQBkoWJzbkF?ei=UTF-8&p=Cedar+Rapids%2C+IA+Model+Toys&y=Search&fr2=tab-img&fr=yfp-t-501

Are the any trucking companies that are owned by seventh day

try mcelroy in cuba alabama, or mceleroy itself, i believe the owner is an adventist. I am in the same boat as you. if you hear of a place let me know and if i find something ill let you know. my email is God bless

What tells the fuel to turn on in a 1992 f-150 4.9liter motor

it could b the fuel cutoff safety relay. try looking on the left side floor kickpanel. behind it may b a hole that ur finger will fit into, depress the tripped relay to reenergize the fuel pump. its a safety feature headache, brought to u by ford. try that first. if it isnt there, check you owners ...