how to fix door lock on 1992 chevy c1500 cheyenne?

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Answered: Change driver's outside Chevy Aveo door handle?

Chevy Aveo Door Handle | Free Shipping | 2007 - 2011, 2004 ... › Door Handle › Chevy Cached - Similar You +1'd this publicly. Undo Items 1 - 12 of 12 – Buy Chevy Aveo Door Handles for as low as $9.18 at AutoPartsWarehouse. FREE SHIPPING on most orders. Call ...

Answered: How to fix a chevy lumina driver's side door lock mechanism?

The Chevy Blazer door lock mechanism is part of the latch assembly located inside the door, and requires the removal of the door panel to replace it. The tools and skills required to perform this repair are basic, and well within the range of the average home mechanic. Expect replacement time to be ...

Answered: Door locks

there a bad relay switch

Answered: Can you get parts & fix an old Yale door closer?

Go to your favorite search and type in Yale door closer. The sites pop up along with a cool picture of ole Yale himself. That would be a good starting point.

Answered: Why do you need turn a lock in a door twice?

Ask this question to someone who works in the Department of Redundancy Department.
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Most interior doors use a 2-3/8" backset bore and exterior doors are 2-3/4". That is the measurement to the center of the door knob from the edge of the door. Almost all knobs come with an adjustable backset now. Interior doors are usually 1-3/8" thick and exteriors normally 1-3/4" thick. Just be ...

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I was a mechanic for twenty five years and I have never seen "Instructions" in print that tell how to remove door panels. Some special tools are made for this task and make the job much easier but they are not absolutly required. I am not familiar with that specific vehicle however it cant be much ...

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