how to fix an xbox 360 offtrack disk tray?

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Answered: My disc drive is playing up it heeps sayin open tray .how can i fix

Try taking the front panel off the front of the xbox 360. Then using the xbox 360 dash board menu click on open door. Then use it again to close door. As ur doing this watch the door to c if its jumped off the runners. If this does not help. Try the xbox web site for help theres a link be low ...

Answered: How to fix my xbox 360?

I have 3 opions for this. 1st one is to call 0871 271 7190 2nd is www.Totalconsolerepair.Com 3rd www.Totalconsolerepair.Co.Uk go to console repairs and fill in the form

Answered: Is the Xbox the best game console out there? Does ...

I agree with Cman, and also, here's my 2-cents... I think that now that the new Xbox 360 slim system is out, there are many problems that the old system had that you wont have to worry about and I know due to the fact that I repair Gaming Consoles. But the variety of games that the Xbox has to the ...

Answered: Why does my dad allways hog the xbox

Maybe because you insult his abilities and he wants to improve, so he can show you up.
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Xbox360 cheat help needed

You must activate cheat mode before using any cheat. To enter cheat mode press Back to activate your PDA during gameplay and press: LB, RB(2), LB, RB, LB(2), RB(3), LB, then press Back again.

Are codes for xbox 360 the same as the old xbox?

yes sorry for the short answer

How to fix xbox E 74 error code

a e 74 is a problem with your gpu (graphic processing unit) its more messed up that the 3 rings this could be a lot of problems with you mother board the best thing i could say is take it to someone who specializes in electronics they'll give you a better understanding of what it might be wrong b/c ...