how to fix action replay ds i red screen?

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Answered: Code Creation Help for Game Genie and/or Pro Action Replay Codes

Most likely the Cosmic Kite does not appear in FIFA 14 for the cost of their rights. It is impossible not to think that Maradona legends come to mind. No doubt we'll miss the interesting games on the Xbox One for not having his phenomenal moves.

Answered: How DO Fix a Action Replay DS that is bricked?

download an ar rom put it on your sd card put that in a flashcard boot the ar rom till it is on the usually ar screen pull out the flashcard put in you're bricked ar and connect it with ur computer and update it with the ar program on ur computer i hope this helps

Answered: Action replay diamond unknown game

press the QUICK UPDATE button, wait for a while and then it will all be back to normal, it happend to me but i fixed this

Answered: How to ractivate a deleted screen name?

Hi Amil: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. Restore or recover a deleted Username
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Go to duh

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