how to fix a rotating pelvis?

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Answered: Rotated? Braces?

yes, you can get them filed down by the dentist and replace them with caps

Answered: How can I rotate a picture received in an e-mail

You can save it to your computer and then edit it in your image manipulation software.

Answered: My landlord had fixed our floors and now they are ...

If the place is not safe, you can move. Failure to maintain a safe residence is grounds for breaking a lease, but you may need pictures to prove it. It may be allowable to withhold rent until it is fixed, but you need legal advice. In some places you may pay to fix it yourself, and subtract the ...

Answered: FIX AOL not responding

Aol has even their facebook and twitter mix up they need to hire people who know what they are doing. I sure wouldn't pay for this service.

Answered: ceiling fan which is not working ...

Thanks for the info on this ceiling fan, guru :)
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Rotater cuff surgery

As you can imagine, not all rotator cuff repairs are alike. Sometimes the surgery is much more extensive in terms of the number and importance of structures repaired. Typically your surgeon will release you for full duty work or return to sport after six months, but this might be extended ...

Boat engines lft rt rotation how they work?

Hi Hardfacing 1, There are different applications for this. First app is when you have twin engines. It is common to have one prop turn left and one turn right. This creates balance due to torque. The most common way to achieve this is either through the reduction (reverse) gear or simply a left and ...

Why does the earth rotate? and in what direction?

1.The earth rotates because of the conservation of angular momentum. L=MwR^2 (M=mass,w=angular velocity[rad/sec],R=Radius) All planetary systems were formed from interplanetary dense clouds. Some are huge and are measured with light years across. Consider a cloud one light year across, spinning ...

How to fix a maytag dryer .Today we were leaving ...

I would suggest contacting the manufacturer as it's likely they can refer you to someone in your local area that is certified at fixing Maytag dryers.