how to find the crankshaft sensor on a 2002 ford escort zx2?

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Answered: How do you change crankshaft posion sensor 2002 chevy 3500 8.1 gas

look by the crankshaft the sensor runs on the crank

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Answered: One of the abs sensor is not working any more, how I can fix this problem

I would recommend to go to the nearest garage and get checked your breaks. These guys offer inexpensive ABS sensors as well as other related autoparts.

Answered: My 1993 ford explorer 4.0 engine is leaking ...

Believe it or not, a bad radiator cap can cause that problem. Another thing you might want to check on. Once in a while a frost plug will develop a leak, especially in an older engine. There is a sensor, but I'm not sure just where it is. If you're sure the leak is on the passenger side, on ...

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Where can I buy replacement parts for the window sill trim on my 99

hi bill We specialize in Doors Calgary, windows Calgary and doors renovations, replacement, repair in Calgary and surrounding areas.

On a 1999 ford escort zx2 drivebelt located

Here is a diagram of the ZX2 engine , the drivebelt is item number 8.