how to find shiny mew in pokemon x and y?

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Answered: What is the definition of pokemon

It is Japanese for "Pocket Monster".

Answered: Powerful Pokemon?

Mew is far more powerful, because of its ability to transform and learn most (TM) in pokemon, while becoming invisible and teleporting at will.

Answered: How do you make a tokyo mew mew Ichigo Wig?

i'm not sure how to make a wig, but you could die your hair use spray,or i've heard you can die you hair with coolade. good luck ~nya!!! Mewmidnight

Answered: Pokemon on a smartphone?

No. For some reason, it seems like it would take the fun outta it.

Answered: Is there anyone out there how loves Tokyo mew mew?

ha i have to say ..........whats his name it has ben so long sinc i have sean it ha if tokyo mew mew a la mode conts then berry i went to an anie=me con and i only saw one tokyo mew mew cosplay :(
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How do you clone masterballs on Pokemon Emerald

Make a pokémon hold a master ball then: 1) Put that pokémon in your party. 2) Go to the Battle Tower. 3) Go to the PC. It is in the top right hand corner. 4) Put the pokémon in an empty box. 5) Close the PC. 6) Save the game. 7) Take the pokémon out. 8) Go to the place (still in the battle ...

(78 - 14 + 28) + (8 x 3 / 6) = Y

(78-14+28) + (8*3/6) = Y (78-14+28) = 92 as 3/6 = 1/2 8*3/6 = 4 So it comes down to: 92 + 4 = Y Y = 96