how to find out my puk code for my straight talk?

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Answered: What is the PUK Code of cellone? Is PUK Code vary from sim to sim or

A Personal Unblocking Code (PUC) or Personal Unblocking Key (PUK) is used in GSM mobile phones and some smartcards to unblock a blocked card. Most mobile telephones offer the feature of personal identification number (PIN) protection. After switching on the phone, if the PIN security function ...

Answered: I entered the PUK code incorrectly 10 times... HELP!!!

You need to get to your cellular provider and ask them to either unlock it or get a new SIM card. After you enter a PUK code wrong for 10 times it will be blocked.

Answered: Tesco mobile puk unlock

ow can i unblockmy phone

Answered: Puk code unblock

how can you unlock it, if the service is no longer valid or you no longer have an existing account with att?

Answered: What should i do if I incorrectly put in my PUK code 10 times?

have'nt recieved a correct answer on how to fix this problem ,I wish anyone could help would please respond.

Answered: Puk code

Just phone Vodafone customer services and they will give you your PUK code.
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call your subscriber for instance siemens or your network supplier for example Vodaphone or vodacom

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When i switch on my phone my Phone is showing PUK disabled card

it is nothing just my SIM card is crashed and i need to buy a new one as i have entered PUK wrongly for 10times due to my lack of knowledge and thanks for yedda for showing some intrest for my question