how to find out if someones drivers license has been revoked?

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Answered: Revoked Driver License

Typically a license is only revoked for alcohol or drug related issues. This article lists some of the common reasons for revocation and little about getting a license back per the law/s. It can be difficult to get back, but usually you need to go to court and argue your case. After this, they will ...

Answered: How to reinstate revoked driver license

This depends on what your license was revoked for. It is usually an alcohol related citation or ticket. This law article mentions the various things that can cause license revocation. Once you figure out what it was for, you probably have to settle things with the court. You may have to pay a fine ...

Answered: My drivers license is revoked in florida permently i want to obtain a

After 4 DUIs I certainly hope you do not obtain a driver's license in any state, province, or nation, for the sake of innocent other drivers.

Answered: My driver's license MAY be suspended, how do I find out?

You can go to the motor vehicle department. If you think it is, you should have gotten something from them or a court order. You need to go there and check.They wont tell you over the phone.

Answered: I lost my driver license and i don't have de ...

I would advise you to report it to your nearest DMV, if your license does not have your ssn, the dmv will not give you a new dl with the dl number that was lost, this is a good way to use your dl as identity theft. Your dmv will reissue you a new dl with a new number. Good luck

Answered: If you live in two states can you hold two driver's license NV and CA

One CDL is all you get, and one operator license. If your state issues one, that's it.
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How to get your Drivers License back after you give them up

Sandra , If you mean you let them expire and now want to renew them . Contact your local BMV you will probably have to go through all the testing such as eye exam , written test and perhaps a driving test . If this was medical related you will need proof from your doctor that the condition does ...

Texas to Kansas?

If you now reside in Kansas and have previously had a driver's license in that state before the Texas revoked license, you probably can renew in Kansas. While traffic laws are generally the same nationwide, there are some traffic laws that only apply to the state. Whatever the revocation reason was ...