how to find out apache bloodline?

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Answered: Need Information on Pitbull Bloodlines

Answered: Apache redirecting help

You probably shouldn't need to, because any call to is going to look for the default page, which is ought to be index.php already. If you don't see index.php when you go to then you need to set the DirectoryIndex property in a .htaccess file. This is easy enough ...

Answered: Proud of your grandkids?

I am proud of my grandson, but I don't brag about him or show off pictures. I gather that is perhaps what is bothering you; you know someone who does either (or both) of those things a lot. I think it has nothing to do with continuance of family bloodlines. I think it has to do with family bonds ...

Answered: I lost my much loved Dalmation in January. I ...

Why don't you start by contacting either the AKC or a dalmatian breeder (or perhaps both)? When you reach someone, merely explain why you're calling as well as what you're hoping to do; then provide that person with the information you have and go from there. All of my more recent dogs have been ...

Answered: Bloodline comparison

This site may help. I hope Good luck!

Answered: How much does the US government support the Yavapi Apache Tribe?

5/17/2012 1:45:00 PMHow much money is enough in Yavapai County?New report details what it really takes to make ends meet in Arizona A Yavapai County family headed by one adult with two children (one attending school and the second preschool-aged) must earn at least $43,163 per year ($20.44 per ...
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Trying contacting your host. I know with Host Gator they will help me with these kind of issues right away.. so I would say go there firsyt

Will a dog license from Maricopa County be valid for Pinal County?

LM. With all due respect, you actually took the time to post this question, so you obviously have the ability to use a computer. I could answer your question in virtually no time at all. Why? Because the information is available to you by having the decency to look it up before you ask others to ...

Where is CR 6020 Apache County AZ?

Apache County Road 6020, also known as Salt Lake Rd. locally, is approximately 9 miles northeast of the City of St. Johns, AZ off SR191. It borders part of the south end of the Woodland Valley Ranch.