how to find my doppelgangers?

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Answered: What happens if you meet your doppelganger?

a ghostly double or counterpart of a living person. An alter-ego. Most likely it'll freak you out, then after you become accustomed.. it'll freak you out some more. But that's only half of what it'll do for them (as they'll be employing this other half freaking out over you)..

Answered: How do I doppelganger myself?

doppleganger is a partner in crime ... so you'd have to genetically engineer another of you, and then break the law together ... i think.

Answered: With the miilions of Elvis lookalikes how can it ...

The real doppelgangers are in deep, geosynchronous orbit about the earth, being taken by the Vogons shortly before Elvis left with hitherto unidentified aliens.
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