how to find critical T values on the TI-83?

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Isn't he Idi's brother?

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SINGLE SAMPLE TEST, "one-tailed test" 7 - Step Procedure for t Distributions 1. Parameter of interest: "?" = population mean for average miles driven 2. Null hypothesis Ho: ? = 4200 3. Alternative hypothesis Ha: ? < 4200 4. Test statistic formula: t = (x-bar - ?)/(s/SQRT(n)) x-bar = estimate of ...

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These steps comprise the bulk of critical thought. 1. What is going on around me? Look beyond the apparent for the underlying rationale -- who may have planned it, and why. Example: you are in a combat situation and you are suddenly confronted with visible traps and those certain to be hidden ...

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Would these be from the KKK? The Masons? A fraternity? The CIA?

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I wanted to know the answer to this exact same question. May be Ashrae gives that
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