how to fill out form 8949?

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Answered: How to complete form 8949, column (b) and (g)?

For most transactions, you do not need to complete columns (b) and (g) and can leave them blank. You may need to complete columns (b) and (g) if you got a Form 1099-B or 1099-S that is incorrect, if you are excluding or postponing a capital gain, if you have a disallowed loss, or in certain ...

Answered: Math

.6976744 = 1/1.4333333 = 1/(4/3+1/10) = 30/(40+3)=30/43 which comes out to .6976744 to 7 places. Or as OronD said, it is 6,976,744/10,000,000 but reduced to lowest terms it is 872,093/1,250,000.

Answered: Irs form 8949 - if I do not have any gain or loss ...

No you don't relist previous transactions. The carryforward loss from previous years goes on pg 2 of the Schedule D and then works through the form. You get to deduct some of the loss each year until it's used up. If you haven't done this in the years following the original loss, you'll need to ...

Answered: Official forms

I have collected stamps for years and there is no place to store them. Only in as safe in a collectors envelope.

Answered: Transfer forms

You can download the Fidelity transfer and account forms at their website. The direct link to the form is [].

Answered: Forms needed to teach in new jersey
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