how to fill out a marriage certificate?

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Answered: I lost my marriage certificate,i need a certified copy of my marriage

If this is for US, Please contact the Vital Statistics office of your state who will be able to get you your Marriage Certificate. Following link has list of states and under them are procedures which can help you out. Link :

Answered: May I get a copy of my marriage certificate in any county courthouse in

yes you can. Following link has some information which can help you out.

Answered: How does an officiant correct a mistake on the marriage license already

I would suggest you practice with them well before the big day if possible. Make sure you know what you're getting.It can be corrected if you go and check in the records.

Answered: Marriage certificate

If this is for US, contact the Vital Statistics Office who can help you out. Following link has list of states and under them are procedures who can help you out. Source :

Answered: I want to renew my certifications.

We won't stand in your way. And we wish you well in this endeavor.
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Not sure what do you mean by corrected mother, but if you want to correct the birth certificate you have to get a court order to do so. Contact the Vital Statistics of your state where the certificate belongs they would be able to help you out.

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