how to file unemployment appeals oklahoma?

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Answered: My previous employer fought my unemployment ...

I went through the samething, and continued to fight and WON!!!! Don't give up, thats what they want. You already proved your case....and won....let them drag it on and keep fighting, you don't pay anything till the final paperwork is in! Good Luck

Answered: I was fired because of a medical condition called ...

You need a lawyer and fast. Sounds like you're being taken advantage of. This is really wrong and you should get what you deserve. A lawyer can help you understand what your rights are.

Answered: Oklahoma Unemployment site is broken!

We are sorry but we are unable to process your request at this time: (The system is unavailable at this time. Please try again later. $ 0800 NO) the message I receive continues as of 7:29 a.m. 8-3-2009

Answered: Where do you file for unemployment?

The state where you worked as that is where your employer paid the fees

Answered: If i am fired from a job in indiana for refusing a drug screen with

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Unemployment appeal

Sounds like you quit without good cause. Because you tried to cheat the system is not good cause. Not understanding or reading something wrong is no excuse for dishonest activity. Not even the court systems accept ignorance as an excuse. My opinion is that you will be turned down for benefits ...

Winning an unemployment appeal when you quit your ...

Me thinks you need an attorney on this.

Can I win my unemployment appeal? Forced into quitting, hours reduced due

Hi , It depends on several factors . Mainly who handles the appeal . On what grounds did you file your appeal on ? Did you explain the error that you made ?