how to file state tax for deceased person in west virginia?

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Answered: What is the Website for getting a copy of your GED FROM THE STATE OF West

I don't know that answer.I would like to know how to get the release form for another copy of your GED certificate if you already have one?

Answered: I pastor a very small church and receive a small salary. What is best

Your employer is the one to send you a W2 or a 1099.

Answered: What law states that I must file a Federal tax return inorder to file

Yes you must still file a tax return read the fourm and information in the book as you must file even if your in bankruptcy.Or you may have a fine and penelty to pay .

Answered: Where does Obama file taxes?

The New York times reported on his US and Illinois tax returns.
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Do you have to file a State Tax Return if you don't owe or are not

It depends. If you had certain types of income, then the answer is yes. If you had earned income below the amount of your standard deduction, the answer might be no... but it is probably worth doing a free filing with TurboTax Online or something like that to see if you need to.

God, I Do Love West Virginia!

TrueIowan married his sister in West Virginia. The banjos at the reception were marvelous.

When applying for EIN number for a trust after person is deceased, do I

7a. Your name, as responsible party, 7b. Your SSN

How to handle lost sensitive documents issue that tax preparer lost in

If you have an online line fax account you can send and receive faxes using your internet connected PC. This one's very cost effective . A report will be sent back to you giving you the status of your fax. Security wise, the data is encrypted and password protected,only the recipients can access.www ...