how to file an tax extension for a married couple?

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Answered: I pastor a very small church and receive a small salary. What is best

Your employer is the one to send you a W2 or a 1099.

Answered: Where does Obama file taxes?

The New York times reported on his US and Illinois tax returns.

Answered: Problem of married couple

He needs to see a therapist or perhaps a marriage guidance specialist or a religious leader who can explain physical relations to him. It is possible he is attracted to men and not women but if he agreed to be married and start a family then he needs to live up to this responsibility or set her ...

Answered: What is a "XLT" file extension?

Hi, .XLT is file extension for Excel 2003 spreadsheet template. Have a nice day.

Answered: Does a gay couple have to be a resident of New Jersey to get married

I only guessing that's where you can get married then I guess. I would have guessed San Francisco, too, but I could be wrong about the whole thing.
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It's not Vista or XP, it's that you have Excel 2007 and they have Excel 2003. When you save the document, save it as Excel 97-2003 workbook and they will be able to open it.

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In Windows Vista or Windows 7, you can click on the Start button at the bottom left. The field at the bottom says "search programs and files". If you know the file name, or even the beginning, type it in and click on the magnifying glass to search. Another way is to click on Documents, or ...