how to file an tax extension for a married couple?

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Answered: I pastor a very small church and receive a small salary. What is best

Your employer is the one to send you a W2 or a 1099.

Answered: Where does Obama file taxes?

The New York times reported on his US and Illinois tax returns.

Answered: Problem of married couple

He needs to see a therapist or perhaps a marriage guidance specialist or a religious leader who can explain physical relations to him. It is possible he is attracted to men and not women but if he agreed to be married and start a family then he needs to live up to this responsibility or set her ...

Answered: What is a "XLT" file extension?

Hi, .XLT is file extension for Excel 2003 spreadsheet template. Have a nice day.

Answered: How To Report A Tax Cheat? hope i can help you

Answered: Does a gay couple have to be a resident of New Jersey to get married

I only guessing that's where you can get married then I guess. I would have guessed San Francisco, too, but I could be wrong about the whole thing.
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