how to fake a migraine headache?

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Answered: What causes migraines and are there any long term treatments to help

BEST NATURAL TREATMENT FOR MIGRAINES AVAILABLE (NOV. 2012) IN CVS PHARMACY STORES OR AT "MigreLief" is a "preventive" not an "abortive." It prevents migraines before they start it doesn't just treat the symptoms. It's triple therapy ingredients are all listed in The American ...

Answered: Exercise & Headaches?

Yes, you need to find out the source. They can be caused by hormones, thyroid, mercury fillings, using cell phones and other wireless technology.

Answered: Hi my wife gets pains down one side every so often but no headache. could

Dear Peter You may have heard that a symptom of migraines is pain on one side of the head. This is a common (not universal) symptom, but could also indicate a cluster headache or even (though rarely) a tension headache. Migraine pain is usually quite severe, but a tension headache is usually just a ...

Answered: How can you relieve migraine pain?

Go here and make your decision Stopped mine and for others and might do the same to you.

Answered: Can migraine headaches be genetic?

Certainly migraines can be genetic but if you treat them correctly you will be relieved out of it. Check out the following site:
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Can a migraine attack last for three weeks

Sometimes it can last for an extended period of time. I used to had my migraines for 4 days out of every week but a few times I've had it longer. Once I had it for about 3 or 4 weeks and I had to go to work 12 hour days in the office which was a pain in itself on top of the migraines. All I was able ...

Every single night, I wake up with a headache.

Hello Lin, I have been suffering with about the same symptoms as you have. I have had many MRI"S ct scans etc sleep study was normal I did have a questionable/possible anurysm that they are watching. My headache always wake me up around 230am-4am and do go away alot if I get up although sometimes ...

Ankylosing spondylitis and visual migraines.

It is an arthritic condition of the spine. About 90% of headaches do stem from the neck spine. I would suggest a neck pillow to help neck alignment, this will relieve nerve pressure.

Hi i am 32 yrs old and had this migraine attack ...

I have used a non-transdermal (nothing goes in the body), non-drug patch to address maingraine headaches and other pain issues. I ran across the inventor of this technology last July. Got briefed by their chief scientist and tried the product. Unbelievable!!! Something that works like it supposed ...