how to fake a migraine headache?

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Answered: What causes migraines and are there any long term treatments to help

BEST NATURAL TREATMENT FOR MIGRAINES AVAILABLE (NOV. 2012) IN CVS PHARMACY STORES OR AT "MigreLief" is a "preventive" not an "abortive." It prevents migraines before they start it doesn't just treat the symptoms. It's triple therapy ingredients are all listed in The American ...

Answered: Hi my wife gets pains down one side every so often but no headache. could

Dear Peter You may have heard that a symptom of migraines is pain on one side of the head. This is a common (not universal) symptom, but could also indicate a cluster headache or even (though rarely) a tension headache. Migraine pain is usually quite severe, but a tension headache is usually just a ...

Answered: Exercise & Headaches?

Yes, you need to find out the source. They can be caused by hormones, thyroid, mercury fillings, using cell phones and other wireless technology.

Answered: How can you relieve migraine pain?

Go here and make your decision Stopped mine and for others and might do the same to you.

Answered: Is it common to wake up with a migraine?

If you are a migraine sufferer like I was it is fairly common. I used to wake up with the migraine starting and growing into a full blown migraine by mid morning that usually lasted for 4 days per week. I had to have a certain size and firm pillow in order to have a good nite sleep. Sometimes I just ...
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Every single night, I wake up with a headache.

Hello Lin, I have been suffering with about the same symptoms as you have. I have had many MRI"S ct scans etc sleep study was normal I did have a questionable/possible anurysm that they are watching. My headache always wake me up around 230am-4am and do go away alot if I get up although sometimes ...

Can migraine headaches be genetic?

Certainly migraines can be genetic but if you treat them correctly you will be relieved out of it. Check out the following site:

Ankylosing spondylitis and visual migraines.

It is an arthritic condition of the spine. About 90% of headaches do stem from the neck spine. I would suggest a neck pillow to help neck alignment, this will relieve nerve pressure.

Hi i am 32 yrs old and had this migraine attack ...

I have used a non-transdermal (nothing goes in the body), non-drug patch to address maingraine headaches and other pain issues. I ran across the inventor of this technology last July. Got briefed by their chief scientist and tried the product. Unbelievable!!! Something that works like it supposed ...