how to explain heart disease to a child?

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Answered: Connection between a child's wrist and their heart?

A new study suggests measuring the wrist bone may be a way for doctors to identify which overweight children and adolescents are at an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease. See this web site for more details.

Answered: How do you Explain Hyperparathyroidism to a child

I do think Skitch has answered the question as I would have. Look it up on line, you can get a picture of it, and it may make it simplier for the child. Not knowing how old the child is... but pictures work well. Good Luck and I hope we have helped. God Bless.

Answered: Warfarin and water around the heart?10mil daly can warfarin cause that

It is unlikely that Warfarin is the cause of your pericardial effusion. It could be a late complication of surgery or it could have another cause altogether. Pericardial effusion can produce shortness of breath as can heart failure. I am not your doc, but could I send you a bill? I really would ...

Answered: Connection between diabetes and heart disease?

Adults with diabetes have heart disease death rates about 2 to 4 times higher than adults without diabetes. See this web page for more information.

Answered: Heart Disease

I think you can find more details about Heart Disease Treatment and its cure here:

Answered: What cause bulging fatty veins in hand's and feet.

It may be due in part to being underweight and hereditary to some degree. The supplements can't hurt however and take months to show effect in overall health. My mother had very veiny hands no matter what she weighed.. think Madonna.. she does too.
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Is coffie reduce the risk of heart diseas ill?

In a very recent study it was found that coffee can reduce the risk of a stroke. However coffee can worsen conditions such as insomnia, anxiety and high blood pressure. Because it is such a popular drink, coffee and its effect on health, especially heart disease, have received a great deal of ...

What causes fat around human heart

You CAN have fat around your fact that is what the name "pericardial fat" means. Incidents of pericardial fat are thought to help predict vascular calcification and can be used to identify heart disease. It does manifest in the chest cavity, but not in the same way or amount that other ...

Wondering heart

I have some question as to why your doctor suspected a blockage of your carotid arteries when you went in for leg and hip pain. He (or she) must have done a very thorough examination to find that. I would first suspect a "pinched nerve" as to the cause of your hip and leg pain. A blockage of the ...

What are Stress Hormones? How are they known to contribute to Heart

Hi Jeff, ---------- Yes, no doubt, Cotisol is very well known to effect heart deseases (as well as a very long list of other effects !). Please Google “Cortisol” I am sure that you’ll find plenty of information. In “Brain Longevity” (an excellent book by Prof Drahama Singh (hope I spelled his name ...