How to explain DNA to children?

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Answered: What does a DNA test cost?

at home paternity test usually cost between $60 and $100 for the kits.

Answered: Name of small Boston biotec which has developped a system to destroy

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Answered: DNA Results

Some companies can have your DNA answers back in about 3 days, while some places, especially at home paternity test , may take two or three weeks.

Answered: Alter my DNA test

NO your DNA is yours and will show no matter what... If you are taking a paternity test... just pay and be a good father... if not whatever you are up to... I suggest not going thru with it... it is a crime to try to conceal DNA just so you know:)) Good luck...

Answered: Why is dna considered the basic chemical of life?

DNA is the base material from which life is made, however cotrary to "Jurassic Park" DNA is not the complete plan for cells or systems. The creation of life is the greatest of God's miracles: only God is able to do such things. If the time ever comes when we do as He did, that still will not make ...

Answered: Which cells do your parents use in order to"give" their DNA?

ZYGOTE A single sperm penetrates the mother's egg cell, and the resulting cell is called a zygote. The zygote contains all of the genetic information (DNA) necessary to become a child. Half of the genetic information comes from the mother’s egg and half from the father’s sperm. The zygote spends ...
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