How to enlarge 14kt gold ring?

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Answered: What does the KGC stamp on a 14k gold ring with yellow diamond

KGC could be Knights of the Golden Circle. Or Kentucky Grilled Chicken.

Answered: Castings for trillion cut stones (14kt rose gold leve backs)

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Answered: Is 14K yellow gold sufficient for an engagement ring?

yes the higher the karat the higher the content percentage of gold. 24karat is pure gold. The thing to remember is the higher the karat the softer or more malleable the gold ring. 14k is a very good choice with a wedding ring. It is going to stay beautiful and more likely to keep it's shape.

Answered: How can i personalise my engagement ring?

How about engraving it with something sentimental like the date you and your significant other met or a significant birthrate or something along those lines..that could be pretty cool.

Answered: Rings

I think all ring have its bill and also carved a no on inner side of ring. From this you can measure ring's authentication and all details. Or you can get it from the touch of Ireland.

Answered: How do i buy an engagement ring online?

Online shopping is effortless and best way of shopping. It offers you a large variety to choose for. You just need to look for design and place an order. One good thing about online shopping is that it offers various discount. One can save his time as well as money by doing online shopping. One can ...
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What people think of Anniversary rings?

We think you like to ask ridiculous questions about rings every single day. Do you have some kind of weird ring fetish or something?

Meaning of wedding ring on wedding?

Wedding ring is nothing but a strong relationship between bride and groom. It is only the gift that was given to each other. You can buy it in pair from the touch of ireland shop...!!!

How do I clean (new) 14kt gold jewelry that has antique finish on it?

- Cleaning your jewelry at home on a regular basis can keep your jewelry sparkly. At least once a month is a good rule of thumb. There are many products available to clean jewelry. Make sure that the one you choose does not contain alcohol, acids or ammonia. Please read the label and make sure that ...

Wedding rings for an extreme metal allergy?‎

Or you can try the Irish Claddagh ring for the wedding....!!! And you can buy it from the touch of Ireland shop....!!!