How to enable cookies in AOL 9.7?

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Answered: How to enable cookies on aol 9.1

how to enable cookies

Answered: AOL 9's built in browser

Oops sorry.. I use WIN 7 PRO... Not XP, oops...

Answered: How to change AOL 9.7 Desktop default browser to Chrome?

If you are reading mail in AOL and click on a link, I think you only get the AOL browser. And I found that in AOL, the right-click menu does not have Save Target As. However you can use to read mail through another browser like Chrome, and then clicking on a link should give you a tab ...

Answered: Downloading aol 9.7

You can download AOL software from

Answered: How to enable cookies on aol 9.1

my computer wont let me play a game with out enabling cookies

Answered: Mouse buttons don't work when AOL 9.7 is running

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Aol 9.7

Hi there: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. How do I go back to the previous version of the AOL Desktop Software?

How do i enable the cookies

go to control panel and click on Internet options, and then it will come up internet properties, then it will come up another window, click on settings, and then it will bring another window up, so then click on Files, and then you will have your cookies. maureen

AOL encounter a problem and needs to close

reminds me of our government

How do you turn on cookies on a compputer

Start - Control Panel - Internet Options - Security Tab - I would Select - Reset all zones to Default Level ----------- Next Privacy Tab - Setting - Medium. It's your choice of how strict you want your settings. -------------- For Internet Explorer you can also go to Tools at the top if you have ...