how to embroidery on nylon webbing?

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Answered: What are all the views of a web designer on Google's material design?

Material Design is a new visual language of Google which has been a beginning to find real grip on all the areas of design community. This new visual language is more attractive because it methodically addresses a lot of problems faced by the designers. Read more

Answered: Does anyone know where I can find the Citadel logo embroidery design to

If you are looking for Citadel Logo embroider design, you must visit here to describe more about... after visiting you would find numerous design for your choice.

Answered: Handling embroidery threads

My grandmother taught me to embroider. She said to cut a length of the floss of---18-24 inches long. Using fingers of one hand, grasp on to the 2 strands and with the fingers of the other hand grasp the rest of the floss. It will look like the letter "Y". Then, my grandmother said to put the ...
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what makes ballistic nylon - is it the weave -the weight - or type of nylon or all of the above? is ballistic nylon made at a min denier level to be considered ballistic?

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Recommend a company who does good 3D digitizing

I recommend you to go to stitch graphic interchange ( ). This is an embroidery digitizing service provider and their work is excellent and cheap in price as compared to the market.