how to dye fabric off white?

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Answered: Can I use Procion Dyes on my white hair?

You shouldn't have any problem using this type of dye on white hair.

Answered: Is there any kind of dye or special technique that will produce a color

I'm not aware of anything that can help with dying polyester. Sorry.

Answered: Where can I purchase a skirt to tie dye

Start with Dharma Trading Company located at . Allen from

Answered: Burgundy and white striped cotton quilting fabric

Try searching at your local Joann Fabrics.

Answered: How to get red dye off fabric that is faded onto white

Go to the aisle where they have the RIT dye display. There is one that is not a dye. I forgot what it is called....dye remover maybe. Anyways, my kids threw a dark green shirt in with my whites one time. I had a blue, white and black stipe shirt that was in tuned blue, "green" and ...

Answered: Where to find fabric.

The Washington Redskins team store has ladies' items (they say). I would write to them or phone them , because if anyone knows where to find their fabric, they should.
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just so you's 2 tsp of TAN not Tangerine

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You may try going to a fabric shop to get the fabric you need to make them. Good luck!

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Can I dye and perm a lace front wig?

If you want to buy best wigs at